Art dating oldenburg

For answers to these and other questions see: Definition and Meaning of Art.

For a guide to sacred artworks in general, see: Religious art.

We profile Mannerists like Paolo Veronese, miniaturists like Nicholas Hilliard, the Bolognese School of Annibale Carracci, and the great masters of Baroque painting such as Rubens, Caravaggio, Velazquez, as well as Ribera's Neapolitan School, and illusionist fresco painters like Pietro da Cortona and Andrea Pozzo.

In addition, we also look at the history of crafts, like jewellery and fine furniture.Dating to the lower Paleolithic era of the Stone Age between 290,000 and 700,000 BCE, it includes the strange phenomenon of cupules, the Venuses of Berekhat Ram and Tan-Tan, and the Blombos Cave petroglyphs. Hamburg singlereisen In addition, we feature Venus figurines (Venus of Hohle Fels, Venus of Willendorf), an extensive series of articles on cave art - including cave paintings at Chauvet, Lascaux and Altamira, ivory carvings like the Lion Man of Hohlenstein Stadel, We explore a range of Ancient art from a variety of civilizations.We profile ALL the great 18th century masters of English figurative painting, like William Hogarth and Joshua Reynolds, as well as ALL the main members of the school of English landscape painting including JMW Turner, Constable and Richard Parkes Bonington.We also cover the 18th century American School, exemplified by portraitists Benjamin West, John Singleton Copley, and Gilbert Stuart, and Japanese Ukiyo-e artists, like Hokusai and Hiroshige.

Art dating oldenburg

THE SERIOUS MINDED FRANCISCO GOYA (1746-1828) Francisco de Goya, the last of the great Spanish Old Masters, forms a link between the 18th and 19th centuries, much as Jean-Antoine Watteau does between the 17th and 18th, or El Greco between the 16th and 17th.And like both of them he is a lonely figure, too personal to fit into the spirit of his day, and yet compelled to serve a royal patron, the King of Spain.Beginning with Mesopotamian art (c.4500 BCE onwards), it includes the sculpture and frescos of Classical Antiquity, notably those of Greek art and Roman art.For the history of Asian art and culture, see Chinese Art Timeline (c.18,000 BCE - present).• For individual, group or self portraits, see: Best Portrait Artists.


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