Casual dating portale Saarbrücken

The Wonder Cat needs your help to find his cat buddy and escape the strange mines where they crash-landed ! You only have the robot pod that traveled with you to help. You’ll need all your stamina and quick reflex to ride through those 55 levels. One big animated scene with Ragnaros the Firelord being challenged by many players.Motion design by Nael Brun , illustration and Art Direction by me.I did various features, logo and pictures for an Amiga 500 ECS production called "Blast from the past", this production was designed with the help of Facet / Lemon, Titan / Bomb, Dan / Anarchy, Soundy / DRD, Oriens / Shadocks, Virgill / Alcatraz and the mighty Dascon / Desire !I worked a bit on a secret personal Pico 8 project, and helped design a logotype for the winning Cocoon PC DEMO release called Soul Splitter.

I'm proud to announce that i'll be taking part in a short interview in the Commodore Amiga Book.)I released a composite photo, the piece is the second of a serie of glitched portraits, click here for a sneak peek.First portait of the serie was relsed here in 2014.My complete logotype works are available in the commission gallery Check out the official teaser of Strike Vector EX now !A commission i did for the swiss company Mind Maze was presented at the Game Developper Conference 2015 in San Francisco.

Casual dating portale Saarbrücken

Loads of new art just released live at the Revision 2017 in Saarbrücken.Posted today a new painting called Continuum It was painted on photoshop and presented at the modern graphic compo (ranked 2nd !Welt Der britische Außenminister Boris Johnson hat den Streit um die Rechnung für den EU-Austritt seine Landes weiter angeheizt.Brüssel könnte dazu gezwungen werden, die Kosten für den Brexit zu übernehmen, sagte Johnson dem «Daily Telegraph». Party livestream Tweets Facebook !

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Today is the day, first official release of Strike Vector Ex for whom i did the logotype work a few month ago.Releasing a new Amiga 500 (ECS / OCS) demo signed by Sanity, Dreamdealers and Bomb at the Evoke 2016 in Koln.This production was presented in the alternative platforms compo and won the first prize.Welt Die konservative ÖVP in Österreich muss sich auf einen völligen Umbruch einstellen, sollte Außenminister Sebastian Kurz ihr Parteichef werden.Der 30-Jährige formulierte im Vorfeld der entscheidenden Sitzung des Parteivorstands am Sonntag sieben Bedingungen, zu denen er das Parteiamt übernehmen würde.


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