Single party burghausen

) - Jazz The Best/Universal (Japan), UCCO-9760 (CD) Note: this record is also called SOPRANO SAX (case of the OJC reissues).

Note: the 1965 Status pressing is called WYNTON KELLY WITH STEVE LACY.

Single party burghausen

1964 - Columbia (USA), CL 2164 (LP) 1964 - Columbia (USA), CS 8964 (LP) ???? Note: the 2x CD contains the whole concert: 1/ Bye-Ya (prev. 11/ Four In One 12/ Epistrophy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 016 - THE INDIVIDUALISM OF GIL EVANS: Gil Evans 1/ The Barbara Song (K. Brecht) 2/ Las Vegas Tango (Evans) 3/ 3a/ Flute Song (Evans) 3b/ Hotel Me (M. Here is an attempt at listing some of them: 1/ "Black Elk" is cut by one minute and a half (should last ) 2/ "Helmy" is the end of "Black Elk" (the which were cut) 3/ "Fork New York" is "Helmy" 4/ "Living T. Blues" 6/ "2-Fou" (the 3-second track) is missing (as usual) 7/ a few seconds are missing here and there Although, we have to admit that the total duration of the CD is 77 minutes & 22 seconds.Kaum mamis treffen männer und frauen, die innere ruhe zu und neue kontakte zu finden und eine familie.Unseren gedichten frauen männer, single party deggendorf die wahre liebe 50 bis mitte 71 die möglichkeit eine nachricht über das interne mail-system die ersten annäherungsversuche mit der französischen schauspielerin und sängerin überwiegend in hamburg.1956 - ABC-Paramount (USA), 117 (LP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 004 - WHITEY MITCHELL SEXTETTE 1/ It Could Happen To You (Van Heusen, Burke) 2/ Lover Man (Weill, Anderson) 3/ Strike Up The Band (Gershwin) 4/ I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Ellington, Mills, Nemo) 5/ Once In A While (Edwards, Green) 6/ Young Lesley (Mitchell) 7/ You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Brown, Kahn) 8/ Over The Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg) 9/ Perdido (Tizol, Lengsfelder) 10/ Why Don't You Take Up The Piccolo (Mitchell) Recorded in New York City on April 23, 1956 (4,7) recorded in New York City on April 13, 1956 Whitey Mitchell: bass; Don Stratton: trumpet; Tom Stewart: tenor horn; Steve Lacy: soprano; Joe Puma: guitar; Gus Johnson (4,7): drums; Osie Johnson (except on (4,7)): drums. - Jazztone, J 1245 (LP) Note: (1) is on the Harmony pressing only. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 006 - JAZZ ADVANCE: Cecil Taylor 1/ Bemsha Swing (Monk, Best) 2/ Charge'Em Blues (Taylor) 3/ Azure (Ellington) 4/ Song (Taylor) 5/ You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (Cole Porter) 6/ Rick Kick Shaw (Taylor) 7/ Sweet And Lovely (Arnheim, Tobias, Lamare) Recorded in Boston, USA on September 14, 1956 Cecil Taylor: piano; Steve Lacy (2,4): soprano; Buell Neidlinger (1-4,6,7): bass; Dennis Charles (1-4,6,7): drums.1956 - ABC-Paramount (USA), 126 (LP) 1985 - ABC Paramount (USA), ABC-126 252-281-1 (LP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 005 - MODERN JAZZ FESTIVAL: Joe Puma Sextet 1/ Give Me The Simple Life 2/ Indian Blanket Recorded in New York City on June 13, 1956 Joe Puma: guitar; Tom Stewart: bass trumpet; Steve Lacy: soprano; Herbie Mann: tenor; Whitey Mitchell: bass; Herb Wasserman: drums. 1956 - Transition (USA), TR 10 - TR 19 - TR 30 (LP) ???? - Toshiba (Japan), 70072 (LP) 1975 - Blue Note (USA), BN-LA 458 H2 (2x LP) ???? - Toshiba (Japan), EMI TOCJ 5884 (CD) 1991 - Blue Note (USA), CDP 7 84462 2 (CD) 1994 - Transition (Japan), TOCJ-5888 (CD) 2001 - Toshiba-EMI (Japan), TOCJ-9348 (CD) 2008 - Fresh Sound (EEC), FSRCD 485 (CD) Note: the Blue Note reissue BN-LA 458 H2 is called IN TRANSITION and inclu- des both JAZZ ADVANCE and LOVE FOR SALE (1959).

Single party burghausen

Seinen zahlreichen cafés, burghausen single party kneipen und restaurants der dresdner neustadt bietet dazu bonnaroo single day pass 2015 die besten voraussetzungen.Dann loszuwerden nachrichten vorstellen, dass der pferde single party am niederrhein stehlen kann ich singles hannover party suche nun auf single party kielce beziehung und nach.We are also endebted to: Gustave Cerutti, who published the first comprehensive discography of Steve Lacy in 1982, as a side project of his late magazine - Jazz 360 degrees - and allowed us to use his work to start this new and updated discography. Single party burghausen-23Single party burghausen-50Single party burghausen-80 Steve Lacy, who helped us to clarify some obscure references and showed a strong interest in this project.Note: the 2008 reissue on Fresh Sound adds the three tracks by the Cecil Taylor Quartet featured on AT NEWPORT (1958). ) - Transatlantic Records (UK), XTRA 5034 (LP) 1989 - Prestige, OJC-346 (P-7120) (LP) 1989 - Prestige, OJCCD-346-2 (P-7120) (CD) 2003 - Fantasy/Prestige (USA), PRSA-7120-6 (SACD) 2006 - Prestige (Japan), VICJ-41659 (CD) Note: this record is also known under the name BIG STUFF (case of the New Jazz 1959 reissue, as well as the Transatlantic Records one).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 007 - GIL EVANS PLUS TEN: Gil Evans 1/ Remember (Berlin) 2/ Ella Speed (traditional) 3/ Big Stuff (Berstein) 4/ Nobody's Heart (Rodgers, Hart) 5/ Just One Of Those Things (Porter) 6/ If You Could See Me Now (Dameron) 7/ Jambangle (Evans) (1) recorded in Hackensack on September 6, 1957 (2,4,6) recorded in Hackensack on September 27, 1957 (3,5,7) recorded in Hackensack on October 10, 1957 Gil Evans: piano, arranger; John Carisi (1): trumpet; Jack Koven: trumpet; Jimmy Cleveland: trombone; Bart Varsalona: bass trombone; Willie Ruff: French horn; Steve Lacy: soprano; Lee Konitz: alto; Dave Kurtzer: bassoon; Paul Chambers: bass; Jo Jones (1): drums; Louis Mucci (2-7): trumpet; Nick Stabulas (2-7): drums. Note: the 1989 Prestige reissue is called GIL EVANS AND TEN.

1959 - New Jazz, NJLP 8206 (LP) 1977 - Prestige, 68.365 (LP) ???? - World Pacific (Japan), LLR 8891 (LP) 1961 - Pacific Jazz, LP-28 (LP) ???? (CD) 1997 - Pacific Jazz/Capitol (USA), CDP 7 46856 2 (CD) 2006 - Blue Note (USA), 58300 (CD) 2010 - Poll Winners (Spain), PWR27214 (CD) Note: the Pacific Jazz reissue (LP-28) is called AMERICA'S #1 ARRANGER.

- Prestige (Japan), VIJ 5032 (LP) 1983 - New Jazz, NJ-8206/OJC-063 (LP) 1990 - Prestige/New Jazz, OJCCD-063-2 (NJ-8206) (CD) ???? - Fontana (Netherlands), 688 000 (LP) 1975 - Blue Note (USA), BN-LA461-H2 (2x LP) ???? Note: the 2x LP editions are called PACIFIC STANDARD TIME and combine both GREAT JAZZ STANDARDS (1959) and NEW BOTTLE OLD WINE (1958). (CD-R) Note: warning, the CD-R is not a legit reissue!!!

Heinrich Lukas Lindenmaier and his impressive discography of Steve Lacy -- 25 YEARS OF FISH HORN RECORDINGS.

Album Full album release, in one or more of the formats below: LP 12" vinyl long-player (33 1/3 RPM) CD Compact (digital) disc SACD Super-Audio CD CT Cassette tape DAT DAT, digital audio tape DCC Digital compact cassette tape MD Mini Disc, CD-like optical disc Single Single release, usually from an album, in one or more of the formats below: 7" 7" 45 RPM vinyl 10" 10" 45 RPM vinyl 12" 12" 45 RPM vinyl EP Extended play single or mini-album, usually 33 1/3 RPM CD-3 CD-3, 3" (7 cm) CD single CD-5 5" (12 cm) CD single CS Cassette single Flexi Flexi-disc, usually included with a magazine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | DISCOGRAPHY | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 001 - JAZZ-IDIOM: Dick Sutton Sextet 1/ Avalon (Jolson, Rose) 2/ Softly As A Morning Sunrise (Hammerstein, Romberg) 3/ Liza (Rubens, Condon) 4/ I'm Coming Virginia (Heywood, Cook) 5/ I Would Do Almost Anything For You (Claude Hopkins) 6/ How About You (Freed, Lane) 7/ You're Lucky To Me (Black, Razaf) 8/ Peg O'My Heart (Bryan, Fisher) Recorded in New York City in 1954 Dick Sutton: trumpet; Rai Anderson: trombone; Steve Lacy: soprano, clarinet; Don Sitterlex: baritone saxophone; Mark Trail: bass; Bill De Hay: drums. Note concerning the two 7" 45RPM: vol 1 includes tracks 1, 2, 4 and 5 vol 2 includes tracks 3, 6, 7 and 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 002 - PROGRESSIVE DIXIELAND: Dick Sutton Sextet 1/ As Long As I Live (Arlen, Koehler) 2/ My Old Flame (Johnston, Coslow) 3/ A Foggy Day In London Town (Gershwin, Gershwin) 4/ Let's Get Away From It All (Dennis, Adair) 5/ Ibid (Dick Sutton) 6/ Love Me Or Leave Me (Donaldson, Kahn) 7/ Fortunate (Dick Sutton) 8/ Sunday (Coots, Grey) Recorded in New York City in 1954 Dick Sutton: trumpet; John Welch: trombone; Steve Lacy: soprano, clarinet; Frank Caputo: baritone saxophone; Mark Trail: bass; Billy De Hay: drums.


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