Single plattform Kiel

Approximately 18 months later, Ocean Ranger capsized in similar weather conditions off the Newfoundland coast.An investigation into the cause of the Ocean Ranger disaster by the US Coast Guard established that structural failure was not a factor.By 1978, additional accommodation blocks had been added to the platform, so that up to 386 persons could be accommodated.

single plattform Kiel

Minutes before , those on board felt a 'sharp crack' followed by 'some kind of trembling'. Kielland was a Norwegian semi-submersible drilling rig that capsized while working in the Ekofisk oil field in March 1980, killing 123 people.The capsize was the worst disaster in Norwegian waters since World War II.No-one was rescued by the standby vessel, which took an hour to reach the scene.Of the 212 people aboard 123 were killed, making it the worst disaster in Norwegian offshore history since WWII. This was traced to a small 6mm fillet weld which joined a non-load-bearing flange plate to this D-6 bracing.

Single plattform Kiel

(A safety device did not allow release until the strain was removed from the cables.) A fifth lifeboat came adrift and surfaced upside down; its occupants righted it and gathered 19 men from the water.Two of Kielland's rafts were detached and three men were rescued from them.The Drillmaster was a drilling rig of the same design and construction as the Alexander L. Originally built in 1973 by CFEM in Le Havre, France, it was converted into a semi-submersible floating oil production platform in 1980.In 1981, it began production in the Buchan template of the North Sea (UK Block 21/01). Today, the platform continues to produce oil under the ownership of Talisman Energy and is subject to round-the-clock brace inspections and acoustic emission monitoring, ensuring that any potential fatigue crack initiation is detected immediately.The failure to deploy lifeboats led to new legislation regarding on-load release hooks for lifeboats on oil rigs.


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