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After a long drawn out communal political decision process, the tram was reintroduced in 1994.

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Due to increasing traffic and pollution, the Urban Community of Strasbourg considered building a Véhicule Automatique Léger network with two lines.Meanwhile, the opposition campaigning for the tramway emphasised its cost-efficiency relative to the VAL (1 kilometre of VAL track cost as much to build as 4 kilometres of tramway) and the revitalization and pedestrianization of the city centre that the construction of the tramway entailed. Germersheim single The first line, line A, opened on 25 November 1994.Though the contract between town and company had included the maintaining of standard gauge, since 1897, the standard gauge tracks were converted to one-meter gauge.New lines were built and run to Kronenburg, Lingolsheim and Breuschwickersheim.

Singles kehl

In 1912 the company was transferred to the possession of the city of Strasbourg.When Alsace became part of France in November 1918, the name of the company was translated into French, "Compagnie des tramways strasbourgeois“ (CTS). Public transport in Strasbourg had begun in 1848 with horse-drawn omnibuses and carriages.The decline of the tramways system began in the 1930s, and ended with the retirement of the service in 1960 in parallel to the closure of many such systems in France and the rest of the world.However, a strategic reconsideration of the city's public transport requirements led to the reconstruction of the system, a development whose success led to other large French cities reopening their tramways, such as Montpellier and Nice.On 5 April 1877 the Strasbourg Horse Railway Company ("Straßburger Pferde-Eisenbahngesellschaft") was founded, and the name changed on 25 April 1888 to the Strasbourg Tramway Company ("Straßburger Straßenbahngesellschaft").

Since May 1897, the AEG electrical manufacturing company was the main shareholder.The choice of rapid transit system became a major point of debate at the 1989 municipal elections, with the incumbent right-wing majority favouring the VAL, while the opposition Socialists campaigned for a modern tramway.Shopkeepers in the city centre were also in favour of the VAL, on the grounds that the construction of the tramway and subsequent loss of parking spaces would deter customers.Werke des Malers Ben Willikens sind international gefragt.Umso mehr freut man sich in Nürtingen über eine „ganz besondere Ausstellung“.


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