Whos dating jena malone

It's a natural reaction of humans watching each other.

You just have to hope for the best, and keep true to your shit.

Whos dating jena malone

She has been able to gain mass attention and has a successful career in both acting as well as singing. She told in an interview that her father’s surname was Berge and was part of Norwegian descent.I've been buying dresses and all these things that before I totally shunned. største datingsider Faxe What clicked that suddenly you're into being a chick?It's like Hollywood's this weird club that you have to fulfill all these parts before you can achieve success. I don't think there's any actor who hasn't been typecast.The first time you see an actor onscreen and they move you, you're gonna remember them in that role forever.

Whos dating jena malone

Then she studied at the Professional Children’s School and became legally emancipated in 2000. She later obtained her General Educational Development. Jena moved to Los Angeles, California with her mother to pursue her career in acting. Whos dating jena malone-90 In California, they struggled a lot, and she was home-schooled from 6th to 8th grade due to money problems.She also has a younger sister named Madison Mae Malone.

Jena made her professional debut in the movie called Bastard Out of Carolina for which she was nominated Independent Spirit Awards for the Best Debut Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie.

I've definitely been typecast into that indie—whatever it is—"fucked up girl with problems" role.

But I would rather be in that tidepool than be typecast as "dumb girlfriend." What's your favorite movie that you've done?

I only went for a year but you feel the strange rules and cliques. I'd lived here in Tahoe for second and third grade then moved away. If you don't call someone for a week they think you've died.

That's why it's rad that a Johnny Depp type can live anywhere on the planet and keep working. If you're not "hot enough" you're gonna lose everything and people are gonna turn against you. Do you ever fear getting typecast as the "indie film girl"?


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